Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall, Our Rosette is the Fairest of them All.


All cakes are 100% Buttercream w/ 3 Layers of Pure Ridiculousness (that means really good)


*** 6" Layer Cakes serve 12-16

The ROSETTE cake🥀

  • Thank You for understanding that our Cakes are Made to Order & Fresh A.F.


  • Strawberry Prosecco

    Prosecco infused Vanilla cake layered w/ Fresh Strawberry Coulis, Prosecco Whipped Cream, White Chocolate Ganache & Prosecco Buttercream


    Chocolate Truffle

    Chocolate Cream cake layered w/ Chocolate Ganache, Chocolate Whipped Cream, smashed Lindor Truffle & Chocolate Buttercream


    Caramel Macchiato

    Espresso Marble cake layered w/ Caramel de Leche & Kahlua infused Whipped Cream, Pastry Custard & Espresso Buttercream