*includes a 1/2 dz Crispy n Buttery Cookies


got a "Case of the Mondays"? These Killer Cookies 🍪 will have you feeln like its Fri-YAY!!! 


  • Creme Brulee

    Sweet Vanilla cookie dough filled w/ Pastry Cream, topped w/ torched Sugar 


    Nutella Lava

    Nutella Brownie cookie dough w/ Hazelnuts & Chocolate Chunks, topped w/ a scoop of Nutella, dipped in Ganache


    Snickers Doodle

    Chocolate Chip cookie dough w/ chunks of SNICKERS, Caramel & Salted Peanuts w/ Cinnamon Sugar


    Montreal Tuxedo

    White & Dark Chocolate Chip cookie dough w/ chunks of Apricot filled w/ Cream Cheese, rolled in Montreal Bagel Spice... WTF!!! Ya, weird is AWESOME...


    Turtle Lava

    Chocolate cookie dough w/ chocolate chips, caramel & pecans, topped w/ a scoop of Caramel de Leche, dipped in Ganache


    Birthday Cake Oreo

    Vanilla Sprinkle cookie dough w/ chunks of Killer Cupcake Cake pieces, topped with a Birthday Cake OREO!


    P.B. Lava

    Peanut Butter cookie dough, topped w/ a scoop of Peanut Butter, dipped in Ganache 


    ButterScotch Bacon

    Sweet & Savory cookie dough w/ Butterscotch Chips, Bacon, Marshmallow & Ruffles Potato Chips


    Sprinkle a Roo

    Cinnamon Sugar cookie dough w/ crushed Teddy Grahams, frosted w/ Cream Cheese Buttercream & Sprinkles




Made with Love 2020 Killer Cupcakes

Killer Cupcakes