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got a "Case of the Mondays"? These Killer Cookies 🍪 will have you feeln like its Fri-YAY!!! 


*BOX includes a 1/2 dz Crisp n Chewy Cookies


  • THE SWAYZE / p.b. pretzel & salt 


    P.B. TOFFEE CRUNCH / cocoa   


    RUFFLES CHIP CHIP / chocolate chips & potato chips


    CALIFORNIA COCONUT / cornflakes & sweet coconut 


    SNICKERS DOODLE / cinnamon sugar & snickers


    CAMPFIRE SMOREO / toasted marshmallow oreo


    BILLIONAIRE BAR $ / salted caramel shortbread w/gold


    KITCHEN KOOKIE / p.b. m&ms N coffee  


    STEFANI / raspberry brownie cheesecake


    ESPRESSO WALNUT / caramel de leche



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