* 1 Dozen includes 3 AWESOME flavours  These arent your classic KILLER CUPCAKES, these KILLERS are Super Duper Classy, just big enough to shove in your face, with your Pinky Up of course! 



Everything at Killer Cupcakes is specifically thought out in order to make us taste KILLER. However, We will ABSOLUTLY do our best to accommodate your request.


  • Mommy Dearest

    Nutella French Toast cake filled w/ Nutella, Cinnamon n Sugar ButterCream topped w/ a Strawberry & a French Toast Stick drizzled in Maple Syrup 


    N.Y. Minute

    Espresso Martini cake filled w/ Cavan Espresso Mousse, Dark Chocolate ButterCream infused w/ Vanilla Vodka topped w/ a Chocolate Eclair, a Kahlua Cake Shot & a Chocolate covered Espresso Bean


    Ohh La La

    Vanilla Bean cake filled w/ a Cheesecake Chunk, Peanut Butter ButterCream topped w/ a Gold wrapped Truffle, Golden Oreo & smashed Peanuts dripped in Caramel w/ White Chocolate  

  • Milli Vanilli

    Oreo Cookie n Cream cake filled w/ a Chocolate Cheesecake chunk, Oreo Buttercream topped w/ an Oreo & Gold


    Chief Wiggum

    Banana Cinnamon Roll cake filled w/ Nutella, Cinnamon Sugar Buttercream topped w/ a Cinnamon Roll, Banana Chips & smashed Hazelnut  


    Jessies Girl

    Chocolate Smores cake filled w/ Marshmallow Fluff, Marshmallow Buttercream topped w/ a Strawberry, Torched Marshmallow & Graham Cracker