* 1 dozen includes 3 AWESOME flavours ( These arent your classic KILLER CUPCAKES, these KILLERS are Super Duper Classy, just big enough to shove in your face, with your Pinky Up of course! )



Everything at Killer Cupcakes is specifically thought out in order to make us taste KILLER.As a result we will not alter the original design or garnish, as it all has a purpose. However , we will totally make YOU the most AWESOME everything to match your Special Event. Perfect for YOU! We will ABSOLUTLY do our best to accommodate your request.

12 Killer Cupcakes

  • Bad Mother Fluffer

    Nutter Butter & Marshmallow Fluff filled w/ Peanut Butter


    Hello Merlot

    LOLA Merlot & Dark Chocolate Marzipan filled w/ Caramel de Leche


    The Capone

    Cannoli Cream Puff & Pistachio filled w/ Fiori di Sicilia

Made with Love 2020 Killer Cupcakes

Killer Cupcakes