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Killer Cupcakes in Guelph: Where Every Bite is a Delight

Updated: Feb 29

In the bustling world of confectioneries, Killer Cupcakes in Guelph stands out as a hidden gem, offering a truly Awesome experience. Nestled in the heart of Downtown Guelph, our small batch bakery has gained a loyal and local following for our whipped 100% buttercream.

What sets Killer Cupcakes apart is each Cupcake is baked and crafted in small batches, ensuring that every bite is a work of art. Our use of 100% buttercream gives our cupcakes a rich and creamy texture that simply melts in your mouth.

Killer Cupcakes is a standout bakery that offers unique and boujee flavours that you won't find anywhere else, like our Red Velvet Waffle and Chocolate P.B. Eclair. There's always something new and exciting to try.

Furthermore, Killer Cupcakes is not just a bakery, we have carved a small niche in the world of confectioneries as it’s not just a bakery but experience, So the next time you're craving something Awesome why not treat yourself to a cupcake from Killer Cupcakes? We assure, you won't be disappointed!

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