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Oreo Cookie cake baked with sprinkles, vanilla frost, Oreos and rainbow sprinkles   Mega Mountain dew cake, mountain dew frost, topped with crushed Nacho Cheese Doritos
Red Velvet cake, Oreo cookies n cream frost   Vicious Vanilla cake filled with Blackberry Jam, dipped in glaze


Sweet Potato Casserole cake, marshmallow frost, brown sugar pecans   Apple Spice cake filled with whipped cream, cinnamon sugar frost, apple pie
Royal City Brewery’s own Smoked Honey Ale cake, honey frost, bee pollen   Choco Chip Banana Bread cake, Nutella frost, choco chips
Strawberry Daiquiri cake filled with Bacardi Rum whipped cream, lime frost, lime slice   White Choco Raspberry cake, peanut butter frost, white choco chips
Poppy Seed cake filled with whipped cream cheese, lime frost, poppy seeds   Pumpkin Pie cake filled with cheesecake, vanilla frost, pumpkin seeds


Double Dark Choco cake filled with whipped cream cheese, dark choco frost, brownie chunks, dark choco   Devils Dark Choco Espresso cake filled with Limoncello whipped cream, dark choco espresso frost, lemon sugar
Peach cake filled with whipped cream cheese, honey frost, wafer cookie   Devils Dark Choco cake filled with banana whipped cream, vanilla frost, hot fudge, chopped peanuts, sprinkles
Wellington Dark Brew Beer cake, salted caramel frost, beer nuts    Coffee cake filled with Jameson Irish Whiskey whipped cream, Frangelico frost, coffee bean
Jagermeister cake filled with a shot of Red Bull whipped cream, vanilla frost, silver stars   Oreo Cookies and Cream cake, strawberry frost, smashed Oreo
Fruit Punch cake, vanilla frost, glitter   Mandarin Orange cake, matcha green tea frost, black and white sesame seed
Devils Dark Choco cake filled with Cola whipped cream, vanilla frost, movie theater candy   Buttered Rum cake, vanilla frost, butterscotch choco
Classic Coca Cola cake, Ruffles chips and a Technicolor drizzle     Bottega Prosecco cake filled with Prosecco whipped cream, Prosecco frost, strawberry slice

SCREEN:  1   2   3   4


*** Due to popular demand ALL special orders and inquiries are taken by phone ONLY ... 519 993 2520 ***


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