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Vicious Vanilla Bean cake filled with pomegranate jam, vanilla bean frost, white choco, walnuts   Almond cake baked with prickly poached pears, cheesecake frost, cinnamon sugar
Burnt Banana cake filled with Myers Dark Rum whipped cream, caramel frost, banana chips, caramel   Country Fried Banana Bacon cake, vanilla frost, dipped in peanut butter choco   * Rock n Roll Whitehouse 2010
Pineapple cake filled with Three Olives Loopy Vodka whipped cream, pineapple frost, rainbow sugar   McKenzie Style Strange Brew Beer cake, vanilla frost, loaded with baked apple fritter
Canada Dry Ginger Ale cake filled with Canadian Club Whiskey whipped cream, vanilla frost, candied ginger   Raspberry Rooibos Tea cake, Peach Schnapps frost
Matcha Green Tea cake, U of G honey frost, almond granola, honey   Double Dark Choco Zucchini cake, walnut frost, cinnamon sprinkle   Hey,hey,hey…
Royal City’s Brewing Co. own Gordon Hill Hefeweizen Beer cake, vanilla frost, orange slice   Lemon cake filled with Absolut Vanilla Vodka whipped cream, Frangelico frost, HAPPY BIRTHDAY sprinkles
Vicious Vanilla Bean cake filled with Nutella, vanilla bean frost, Nutella dollop   Devils Dark Choco Beet Root and Raspberry cake, dark choco frost, cocoa nibs
Hunka Hunka Hazelnut cake, hazelnut frost, blueberry pie dollop   Carrot Spice cake filled with Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey Whiskey cheesecake, cinnamon sugar frost
Turkish Coffee cake, cardamom frost, walnut   Vicious Vanilla cake filled with Advocaat Cream, vanilla frost, dark choco ganache
Stella Artois Beer cake, lemon frost, pomegranate seed   Guinness cake, Lanson Black Label Champagne frost, gold stars
Vicious Vanilla Choco Chip cake, cool crème de mint frost   Red Velvet cake filled with Jack Daniels Cheesecake, vanilla frost, almond
Lemonade cake filled with Triple Sec whipped cream, Blue Curacao frost, coconut   Guinness cake, Nutella frost, shaved hazelnut
Mexican Hot Choco cake filled with Kahlua whipped cream, vanilla frost, marshmallows, cinnamon dust   Devils Dark Choco cake, Speculoos Cookie Butter frost, choco pretzel pieces
Madagascar Vanilla Bean cake filled with Amarula Cream, Kahlua frost, coffee bean   Gingersnap Cookie cake, lemon frost, ginger snap
Earl Grey Tea cake, lavender frost, fresh field lavender   Devils Dark Choco cake, brown sugar frost, toasted coconut, dark choco

SCREEN:  1   2   3   4


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