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Devils Dark Choco cake filled with caramel whipped cream, dark choco frost, caramel sauce, dark choco   Vicious Vanilla cake filled with French vanilla pudding, strawberry frost, starlet sprinkles
Vicious Vanilla cake filled with grape jelly, peanut butter frost, peanut pieces   A+   Devils Dark Choco cake filled with pistachio cream, vanilla frost, dipped in dark choco, crushed pistachios
Devils Dark Choco cake filled with Baileys cheesecake, dark choco espresso frost, dark choco covered espresso bean   Seriously Rad Strawberry Banana Smoothie cake, with like the awesomest strawberry banana frost, totally topped with a banana chip….. DUH !
Cookie cake, vanilla frost, cookie crumbs, choco sauce   Pelee Island Merlot cake, dark choco Merlot frost, choco shavings
Vicious Vanilla cake filled with lemon curd, vanilla frost, graham cracker   Vicious Vanilla cake, caramel cream cheese frost, salted cashews, caramel
Devils Dark Choco cake, vanilla frost, salted peanuts, dark choco   Laffy Taffy Banana Choco Chip cake, banana frost, dipped in choco, peanuts
Chardonnay cake, filled with apricot jam, vanilla frost, apricot dollop   Devils Dark Choco cake filled with cheesecake, blackberry frost, blackberry
Vicious Vanilla Bean Blueberry cake, vanilla bean frost, crushed walnuts, white choco drizzle   Devils Dark Choco cake, choco peanut butter frost, salted pretzel, dark choco drizzle
Vicious Vanilla cake filled with vanilla pudding, choco frost, rainbow sprinkles   Devils Dark Choco cake, marshmallow frost, milk choco, graham cracker
Vicious Vanilla Lime cake filled with watermelon vodka whipped cream, electric lime frost   Cherry Dr. Pepper cake baked with choco chips, vanilla frost, choco chips
Vicious Vanilla Lime cake filled with raspberry whipped cream, lime frost, raspberry  

Peanut Butter Choco Chip cake, marshmallow frost, choco chips

Devils Dark Choco cake filled with white choco pudding, Tiffanys Blue frost, silver dragees   Scarlet Velvet cake, Amaretto frost, dark choco covered almond
Canadian Maple Bacon cake, coffee frost, maple leaf   Vicious VaNilla cake filled with banana puddin, vaNilla frost, crushed Nilla Wafers
Root Beer cake filled with whipped cream, vanilla frost, root beer candy   Strawberry Raspberry cake, lemonade frost, crushed lemon sours
Cream Soda Toffee cake, vanilla frost, toffee pieces   Orange cake baked with peaches filled with Grenadine whipped cream, peach Schnapps frost, rimmed with sugar crystals

SCREEN:  1   2   3   4


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